POSTED:: April 18, 2024

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Imagine a musical fusion that transports you back to the neon-lit dance floors of the ’80s, where Italo Disco and HI-NRG reigned supreme. Now, picture the talents of Bonnie Drinkard, the captivating vocalist from Detroit’s country-folk sensation, Drinkard Sisters, and producer Martin Defatte, better known as Tron Jovi, one-half of the outspoken noise rap duo Guerrilla Ghost. This unlikely pairing is the heart and soul of Diamond Life, a musical pact that bridges genres and blends influences.

Diamond Life‘s story began when Tron Jovi dove deep into the Italo Disco and HI-NRG movements searching for inspiration. He quickly immersed himself in the sounds of legendary producers like Bobby Orlando and Patrick Cowley. Inspired and determined, he put his own contemporary spin on this resurgent era of music in the form of a batch of beats.

The unsuspecting duo had crossed paths with one another at one of his local DJ spins, which, coincidentally, also marked Bonnie’s first night in Milwaukee. Months later, when the opportunity to collaborate arose, it instantly made sense. Bonnie was the missing link that transformed these demos into proper songs. With Bonnie lending her angelic vocal talent and passion for songwriting, the two continued crafting their sound in the studio. The magic was palpable from the very first engineering session. They knew they were onto something. Something good.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of musical luminaries like Jenny LewisThe KnifeThe Flirts and Neko CaseDiamond Life‘s sound is a blend of old and new, familiar and unexpected. With each track, they pay homage to the era of  80s Synth Pop, while infusing the music with a contemporary twist that’s uniquely their own.

With their unique blend of influences and creativity, Diamond Life is poised to take the Milwaukee music scene by storm. Get ready for the immersive world of Diamond Life, where the past and the future collide on the dance floor.

It’s been hard keeping this under wraps while the duo was working on the record, but at long last we are proud to announce that Diamond Life’s debut LP, “Neon Dreams”, is slated for release on May 24, 2024 via Triple Eye Industries.

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