Found All the Parts

With Dennis Clarke
Thursday 12:00 AM - 3:00 AM Remind Me

Sometimes crunchy.  Occasionally jangly.  At times, twangy.  Now and again, glossy.  Every so often, nerdy.

But always catchy.

Found All The Parts is a blend of new and old, of local and not.  Genres include – but are not limited to – power pop, pop punk, emo pop, indie pop, alt country, and plain alternative. If it’s got a clever hook and a catchy chorus, it’s a likely candidate for Found All The Parts.

A bit about me…  I was always captivated by radio and picking out songs.  As a kid, I remember stacking up my parents’ 45s to play one after the other on our giant, green Magnavox console stereo turntable.  Falling asleep every night listening to QFM or WRKR on my Sanyo boombox.  As a teenager, my friend Brian had connected a Radio Shack mixer to a Mr. Microphone and created a pirate radio station in his bedroom, and I had my first radio gig.  Hang out, pick out a bunch of my favorite songs, and experiment – what a blast!

So naturally, when it came time to get an adult job, I thought radio was the perfect choice.  After being schooled at Gateway Technical College in the finer points of the biz, followed by a short stint at a classic rock station, and an even shorter one at a hot country station, I realized it’s not exactly the easiest way to make a living.  And picking out my own songs and experimenting was frowned upon.  So, I moved onto other things but always thought… one day, I’d like to have some fun on the radio again.

Which is what I hope you’ll do with me on Found All The Parts.