Live On KEXP

Monday 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM Remind Me

Live on KEXP, Seattle’s non-commercial radio station KEXP recorded over 500 live on-air performances, featuring new and breaking musicians.

Live on KEXP, KEXP’s Senior Director of Programming Kevin Cole wanted to emphasize KEXP’s mission of helping people discover new music, utilizing stations across the country with the same mission to have those artists and performances reach a wider audience. Cole says, “it’s good for music lovers, it’s good for the stations, and it’s good for the artists.”

“When KEXP General Manager Ethan Raup brought this opportunity to our attention, we definitely couldn’t pass it up,” said WMSE’s General Manager Tom Crawford. “KEXP is an incredible sister station and shares our same vision. We were happy to find a spot for this show. It’s our way of keeping new music alive at the left end of the dial.”

In a recent interview with Radio Survivor, “Cole explained that [Courtney] Barnett will be one of the first artists featured, but that others are still to be determined. He explained that, “At this point, given that we’re three months out from officially launching, I can’t say with 100% certainty who we’ll be featuring. The approach we’ll take is to pull from the best sessions we’ve recently produced, from timely and topical artists.””