Announcing the WMSE 14th Annual Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser Winners!

POSTED:: March 7, 2016


chiliThank you Milwaukee for turning out for what was surely our most successful Rockabilly Chili fundraiser!

With over 50 chilies served by area restaurants, the competition was fierce but there can be only one winner in each of the categories.

Drum roll, please…

Best Meat: Vanguard

Best Heat: McBob’s

Best Display: Brewed Café

Best Veggie: Riverwest Co-op

Most Unique: Hue Restaurant

Best Firehouse:  Station 37

Congratulations, champions!

The Runner Ups – 

Meat: The Wicked Hop

Heat: Hector’s a Mexican Restaurant

Display: Outpost Natural Foods

Veggie: Gypsy Taco

Unique: Smoke Shack

And a big thank you from the very bottom of hearts goes out to the 150 volunteers that turned out to help us make this year’s event a success!

POSTED BY:: Sidney McCain

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