POSTED:: May 13, 2024

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Join Poundcake Punk DJ Maggie and Music Director Sid for another edition of Local/Live on Tuesday, May 14 with Convoy!

Convoy is proud to call Wisconsin home, the same state that produced Country Legends Dave Dudley (who recorded a few songs a town over in Bay View) and Pee Wee King. They’re just a stone’s throw away from where the electric guitar was born as well residing in Cudahay, WI. These guys may not be wrangling horses, but their music is as country as it gets. With a strong admiration for the history of country music and over 3 years of experience touring with their old rock and roll band from 2019-2023, they’ve developed a sound that is truly their own.

The band is also involved in co-hosting a country variety show called Honky Tonk Hayride at Falcon Bowl in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Convoy, the house band, shares the stage with different country acts and comedians. On every third Sunday of the month, the dance hall gets filled with enthusiastic dancers enjoying old country records and live music.

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