five and dime show

With Shopkeeper Ken and Grasscutter Andy
Thursday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Remind Me

The 5 & Dime show takes its name from days gone by, when you could walk to the corner store and pick up anything and everything…the same applies here. Shopkeeper Ken will play a 1920s era blues gem, played right after a 60s psychedelic tune, played right after a brand new freak folk song, played right after some heavy funk, and follow that up with a Billie Holiday song…all tastefully sequenced (hopefully!). Anything goes at the 5 & Dime. Who knows what will be in stock this week, as I’m constantly picking up new stuff, and digging through both my own, and WMSE’s, vast collection. Also, stay tuned for this week’s special, when I choose a theme and play a three hour set devoted to it.

No dollar store junk here! Just the best that recorded music has to offer from the last 100 years!