Winners for WMSE’s 17th Annual Rockabilly Chili

POSTED:: March 11, 2019


Thank you to everyone who took part and voted on this spectacular Chili event.  We’d also like to thank our sponsors – Lakefront Brewery, Collectivo and Von Briesen and Roper. And finally a big shout out to the Milwaukee Fire Department.  Without Further Ado – the winners are…..


Best Meat – Kettle Range Meat Company (they were last year’s winners)

Runners Up – Odd Duck, Puddler’s Hall

Best Heat – Lakefront Brewery (last year’s winners as well)

Runners Up – Safehouse / Good Harvest Market

Best Veggie – Beans & Barley – (last year’s winner)

Runner Up – SmallPie (first time entering), Riverwest Co-Op

Most Unique – DanDan

Runner’s Up – Nightmare’s / Braise

Best Display – Biggest Upset – Brewed Owned this spot for the last 10 years – Lakefront Brewery knocked em out

Runner’s Up – Brewed Café / Stubby’s Gastrogrub & Beer Bar

Best Firehouse Chili – MFD Repair Shop


It was a great Sunday at MSOE’s Kern Center.  We’ll see ya next year!

POSTED BY:: Sidney McCain

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