Into Battle!!

With Jason
Wednesday 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM Remind Me

Into battle Jason is a total metal nerd who will melt your face, shatter your eardrums, and bring mainstream metal to its knees. Playing the best in Power, Sludge, Doom, Crust, Thrash, Speed, Death, Party, Black, Local, and Classic Heavy Metal. Mess with the bull, get the horns.

Praise Halford.

Stay Hungry!

Get to Know Your WMSE DJ Profile

How do you spend your days and nights when not hosting your radio show?

I  keep busy with booking shows[mostly metal], I am in two bands, with a third potentially coming. I also volunteer with a program through the Milwaukee Women’s Center that allows me to hang out with kids who are from some pretty dire situations and do kids’ stuff. It’s pretty incredible. And I have an awesome dog, I’m pretty big into animal rights, and I watch a bunch of horror movies. Oh, and I work.

Do you remember what band, album or song took you from being a casual music listener to a passionate music lover? Is there a memory associated with that experience?

Without the dissertation I could give for each of these songs (email me if you want that), these six songs effectively saved/ruined my life, depending on how you view my quality of life. When I heard these songs, they made something I loved — metal — into an intense love. No turning back…

Stargazer — “Rainbow” (off Rising)

Black Sabbath — “Children Of the Sea” (off Heaven and Hell)

Iron Maiden – “Flight of Icarus” (off Piece of Mind)

Candlemass — “At the Gallows End” (off Nightfall)

Samael — “Baphomets Throne” (off Ceremony of Opposites)

Priomordial — “Empire Falls” (off To the Nameless Dead)

What band have you heard or discovered in the past six months that reminded you why you want to continue being a WMSE DJ?

There has been an upswing of young bands being influenced by good sources and not lousy meat-headed ones. In SolitudeBorrowed Time40 Watt Sun and Darkest Era, when I listened to them all for the first time, I was pumped on the idea of sharing them with everyone.

Who is your favorite non-you WMSE DJ and why?

I have a three-way tie, here:

Jon Blick – His show is so diverse and he is such a genuine spirit. Nothing contrived on there, ever.

Rich Mars – He is so flawless in his delivery and is such a real dude. And the 80s at 8:30 is always boss.

Ryan Asche – He hits the goth kid in me just right. Always awesome.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Either my dad or a mad scientist.