Mish Mosh Radio

With Grant S
Friday 3:00 AM - 6:00 AM Remind Me

Featuring a “mish-mosh” of old and new, loud and soft, with music from all corners of the globe, it’s Mish Mosh radio with DJ Grant! This show is named after a bagel. Okay, many bagels. The everything bagels at New York Bagel and Bialy in Skokie are called Mish-Mosh bagels and like those bagels, this show features a little of everything! So tune in at bakers hours (3-6am every Friday) OR catch up at a daytime hour by listening to the archive found at! Every week, I’ll play what’s called the “bakers dozen” between 4 and 5am- 13 tracks that I’ve been playing on repeat and want to share with you!

I’ve been around music forever and have been in bands, worked many concerts, and love to bring listeners the tunes that I cannot stop listening to! Tune in!


DJ Grant Steskal bio: Working in radio in various ways since 2013, I live for radio that inspires, that is allowed to be free form, local and international, and that brings creative and great tunes, stories, and moments to listeners. Doing this show at WMSE feels right! I love being involved in music, and love radio and the way we share music with each other around the world. It’s truly the universal language. We need more universal connection, and it is my aim to connect with listeners about all kinds of tunes! Okay that’s it! See you out there!